Electronic - Limited Edition USB Drive

from Stan Dart

USB Flash Drive


Part ONE:

Cerro Armazones 11:00
Construction Time 13:35
Mosaic 08:18
HiRes 06:58
Metis 07:25
Maory 09:18
Micado 11:35
Harmoni 07:34

Part TWO:

Atacama Desert 07:02
Cosmic Light (2021 Mix) 06:58
Exoplanet 07:23
Explore 07:42
Deep View (2021 Mix) 07:15
2027 (2021 Mix) 06:25
La Silla (2021 Mix) 07:16


Travellers among the stars
(Voyager 1 & 2) [Bonus Track] 06:17
The ELT Mixtape [Bonus Track] 51:42

Additional demo mixes of
"Deep View" & "Cosmic Light"

Complete graphics collection

Sold Out


Stan Dart Graz, Austria

I write songs influenced by a certain mood or the wish to reflect events which happened to me. Sometimes a single picture can contain the idea of a complete song, sometimes a movie (or its music) influences me to write a track.Whatever it is, it´s always a request of my heart to tell a story. ... more

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